Latex and Memory Foam Mattresses
Bradley's Sleep is known for offering one of the greatest selection of High-Tech Foam mattresses in Salt Lake. These mattresses contain materials sometimes referred to as "Space Age" foams, and have helped millions of sleepers to find new levels of both comfort and support that have never before been reached. These mattresses are very durable and have warranties of 20 to 30 years. While they are often a little more expensive due to the great advantages, the recent economy downturn has forced all-time low prices and made these beds incredibly affordable. The two main categories fall into Visco Memory Foam and Latex products. Come in and try out one of the several Space Age mattresses today on our showroom!

Latex vs. Memory Foam

          If I'm interested in a Foam Mattress, which one should I choose?

  • Talalay Latex is an organic foam, and resists dust mites and allergens, where memory foams are synthetic... though our new memory foam beds now feature hypoallergenic gels to reduce allergens, mold and mildews as well.
  • Latex and Visco and Gel-Infused Memory Foams offer the best support and conformity (pressure relief). This combo helps to maintain proper spine alignment regardless what position (side, back, or stomach) you sleep in.
  • Both Latex and Memory Foam offer the longest warranties on the market. Here at Bradley's, we are pleased to feature many layered or entire Latex Foam "Spring-free" Mattresses on our showroom with warranties up to 25 years! (see the Serta Latex and iComfort Collections)
  • Finally, latex foam is more breathable and cooler... and the quickest responding foam (good for people that change positions in the night)! While you sink through ordinary foam, Talalay Latex lifts your body which relieves tension and relaxes your muscles delivering an exquisite nights’ sleep. Talalay Latex is actually supple “rubber” not “foam”, don't worry, you'll feel the difference; it creates a unique floating sensation which relaxes muscles and relives tension.
  • To Contrast, thick memory foam mattresses can capture body heat and hold it close to the surface. At the same time, memory foam takes less time to settle and reduces motion better than anything else. If you prefer the more dense feel of memory foam but want to avoid a mattress that sleeps hot, look for bamboo or gel infused into the foam to prevent heat from building up (see the Serta iComfort Gel-Infused or MLily Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam Collection). All our memory foam beds feature patented technologies to help regulate heat!